Research Program

The research and innovation sector aims to ensure evidence-based development efforts in ARDI programs. The research and innovation sector is independent within ARDI and it follows the guiding principles of rigor and transparency for impact evaluation, recording lessons learnt and dissemination of research knowledge for evidence based programming. Through digital data collection tools and in collaboration with scholars from academic institution within South Sudan and the world over in enriching the research based. The research and innovation sector substantially contributes to ARDI program performance and substantiate empirical knowledge creation at academic level.

  • To conduct Community baseline Surveys to understand the context for better programming
  • To conduct Formative Research with focus on Behaviors Change and Communication for the development of tailored approaches in addressing community social behavioral context
  • To collaborate with Academic institution both national and international to conduct and support the conduct of academic research for generation of evidence based knowledge
  • To advocate for the implementation of Research finding based on evidence quantified and proposed Innovations in addressing the gaps
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